Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

There is nothing I love more than special book stores. You all know this, I love my hole-in-the-wall book shoppes, there are very few things that invoke such joy and a sense of calm. I went to Bethlehem this weekend with my parents to enjoy the holiday festivities, look at the shop windows, and maybe do a little sight seeing and shopping. I love this town so very much, it's definitely one of my favorite places in Pennsylvania, and somewhere I feel is worth making the trek.

So with that, I've made a small video for your viewing pleasure. I just want you to keep two things in mind when you view this: 1) My camera is not meant for making movies. It's a little camera with an option for films but not of the five minute quality. 2) I was doing a lot of guess work with iMovie, I don't like reading instructions and I fail when it comes to cool things like making movies.... so it's not of the best quality.

Allow me to continue on with my exploits of Bethlehem in a way that all of you bookworms might enjoy:

Bethlehem has The Moravian Book Shop. You've heard of my raves of the book stores in Jim Thorpe- they're little used books in little nooks and crannies. But The Moravian has so much more than just books. It's a huge store with a beautiful selection of chocolates, Christmas ornaments, Moravian Stars, a place to eat, childrens toys, house decor, and of course- books.  According to the website:

The Moravian Book Shop, the oldest bookstore in the world, was founded in 1745 when the Moravian Church appointed Samuel Powell of the Church's Crown Inn on the South Side of the Lehigh River to operate a book store.

How neat is that? So not only are you visiting a beautiful shop with some of the nicest employees I've ever had the chance to work with but you're sharing in history. Of course I can't go into that shop without buying something. Whether it's a gelato or book, I never leave empty handed. I picked up Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey and went on my merry way.

Another point of interest, if you ever get to visit Bethlehem, is Mama Nina's. It's a great place to eat if you're into Italian food. Everything is so fresh and I've always left completely stuffed. Just look at the inside decor:

As soon as we sat down we had a plate of this set before us:

I can't eat it, unfortunately, because of celiac's disease. Generally when I go out to eat somewhere I order salads but not this time! I ordered a stuffed pepper and it was so delicious. I barely finished it.

But that's how it always is when I go to Mama Nina: The food is fantastic and so filling. Prior to going gluten free I went there and had a couple of different pasta dishes, just the thought of them makes my mouth water. By the way, this place has another slew of really awesome employees who are funny and bright.

There are a ton of locations on Main Street where you can eat so if Italian isn't for you you'll certainly have your pick. I've eaten at a few of those locations (but failed to take pictures and don't recall the names- I'm so bad at remembering names!) and I've always had a pleasant experience.

Seriously, I adore this city. The stores are adorable, the people are sweet, and the buildings are just beautiful with so many objects that are easy to miss (like carvings of faces on the corners of bricks and the likes!).

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