Monday, October 25, 2010

A Very Scary Jack O Lantern

In the same form as A Very Scary Haunted House the author comes back with a cute tale in the form of a spooky little book. This time the story is more of a tale- how to find the perfect jack o lantern to scare away all the ghouls and goblins. With the help of images you can only see after having the book shine under a light or flashlight (which is preferred in my opinion) the tale unfolds with beautiful colorful artwork and creepy little creatures.

Yet again, another book I adored as a child. Usually I was being scolded at for reading by flashlight but only during Halloween was it okay to initiate this practice- and only with these books. My mother and I would curl up on the floor or on my bed with the flashlight in hand then dive into the book each and every year. To this day, I'll still sit down and read the book for that nostalgic thrill of childhood.

For your little one this would be a fantastic add to your Halloween collection. And guess what- you can buy it off of Amazon for a penny. (When I saw that I had an urge to buy another copy).

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