Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Replacement

The Replacement was featured on goodreads as a giveaway and a couple of my friends were incredibly interested and entered said giveaway. I hopped onto the site and read the description of the book; immediately I was in love with what I was reading and knew that I would have to get my hands on a copy.

The book has only been out on the market for about a month but it is perfect to read during this month of October. The entire book takes place during the month- specifically around Halloween. It's creepy and disturbing- perfect for this haunting time of year. Mackie Doyle, the main character of this tale, seems sweet, innocent, and caring for his loved ones. But there is something dark and sinister about Mackie- he's a replacement.

As an infant the Doyle family suffered a horrible loss. Their baby boy was taken from his crib as his older sister watched and replaced by a thing with sharp teeth- something not human- a replacement which was in fact Mackie. Mackie has grown up knowing that he is not the real Doyle child but developed a loving relationship with his family none the less, although some of the family struggles are slightly differed from most normal family struggles. What's more is that the worry that your child will be taken and replaced is a town-wide fear which goes unspoken. In most cases, a child is taken and replaced and whether or not the family knows this they don't let on. All bad things are known but not discussed- it's just the way the town is.

But Mackie is growing sicker and sicker. Mackie, a rarity to survive so long in the human world, is beginning to die. A true show of sisterly love his sister goes underground to make a bargain with the other creatures- her success is receiving a liquid that allows Mackie to live. But nothing is given out without a price, now Mackie is tied into doing something for them.

All during this you learn more and more of the struggle amongst these creatures and what exactly happens to the children they take. Mackie takes a stand against this, especially when a love interest has her baby sister taken from her. 

The story was quickly paced and I truly felt for Mackie. The author did an incredibly job writing a character of the opposite sex and writing such an original tale. No words of sparkly vampires or fallen angels, this story is entirely unique and reminds me of the old tales from the English Isle of fairies babies. I was pleased with this book because it was so original and refreshing to read. Also, the Halloween tones seemed just so perfect for this time of year. 

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