Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oktober Happenings

October is one of my favorite months within the year. While I adore summer (I am a Cancer, it's in my blood) fall is my favorite season of all. It's a mix of every season all rolled up into a flourish of colors. The heat of summer on some days, the crisp chill of winter on others.

October is always my busy month... in fact, fall is my busy season. Generally every weekend I'm out and about- doing some type of exciting thing or another. It's my last chance to enjoy the outdoors before the cold winter months roll in.

My schedule begins to fill itself up in September but by October I'm usually spinning. This year is like that... except to the extreme.

I've picked up more jobs. Freelance work, working at the book store, and now I am also a tutor for a local community college. Three days a week I help students work on their papers and construct better sentences. I help them get their thoughts across in a more concise manner. I've always proclaimed I am horrible at spelling and grammar- when it pertains to my own work. It's really bad. But I think this goes into the category of people not being capable of seeing their own faults. I'm just blind to it. However, catching the mistakes other people make comes easily.

So now I have two part time jobs plus two freelance jobs which come and go. It's also October, my busy month, like I said. With the peak of foliage steadily approaching and Halloween breathing down my neck there is so much to do but so little time!

In the past few weeks I've gone hiking on Hawk Mountain, a yearly thing that I do. It's gorgeous and a prime location to spot the migrating birds. One trip to Hawk Mountain down.... I have two friends who would like to go with me in the future... so I have the chance to take three trips total, which is completely okay with me.

I also have a tendency to take autumn drives. When the sun is out and there is that crisp warmth in the air I'll take the long way home from work. Driving slowly past blazing trees, stopping by streams, breathing in the air.

Trips to farms to drink hot apple cider beside a fire place... walking through towns covered in Halloween decorations... going on ghost tours in jail cells.

The weather will be in the low seventies one day- making it hard to walk around in long sleeved shirts. But the next day it could be in the 50's with a chilly wind that calls for winter hats and hoodies. I adore sweaters as much as peasant skirts. Hats and scarves are a plenty.

It's been a busy time. Between work and my autumn activities I've managed to get reading in. I don't know, the cooler the weather is, the more I want to snuggle up with a book.

This long winded post is brought to you as a way of celebrating the fall. I hope you all who are reading this are enjoying your autumns just as much. If I disappear here and there- don't fret- I'm just busy with all of my jobs and the beautiful weather. This weekend? I'll be touring a quaint town by my home, hopefully shopping for some used books, and then in the evening going on a haunted hayride with friends.

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