Monday, October 11, 2010

The Fire Inside

I had the pleasure of getting to read this novel prior to it's release. I was worried about it though... it's more or less supernatural and it's structure is built upon the storytelling that the majority of comic books lack: neither of these subjects do I read much of (if you exclude vampires, which by this point, I think you can). I've never read a comic book in my life (except for one manga series... which I'm pretty sure are two different things, almost?) and action packed scifi stuff is above and beyond me. I was figuring this would be a tough read, it would be a read that I found myself dragging through and unable to relate to in any way.

I was wrong. Entirely. I flew through the pages of this book and was done before I wanted to be. Well, I use pages loosely since it's an ebook.

The characters are relatable and despite that my knowledge of superheros begins and ends with X-men cartoons on Saturday morning I really enjoyed that these people were unique and had powers. I enjoyed that the surroundings and way of life painted around each character grabbed hold of me. It was easy to place myself into those locations, those situations, and befriend these people.

Meet main character Jack whose turned the other cheek on being a superhero- meet his best friend Bruce that's popped up out of no where asking for help. Let's hop and skip to the death of one of these characters. What would you do if your friend was killed and you had the capability to find out who the killer was? Would you fight tooth and nail to figure it out? Would you try to prevent other people from facing the same horrible experience of losing a loved one?

I thought so. With that, you can easily identify with the character and that's what I adore about this. These people might be out of this world but you can relate to them- that's the quickest way to gain a readers attention and a following for the series I'm sure. And I am sure that Raymond Rose's Sidekick novels will gain a following to anyone interested in good story telling, action, and comic books. Discover The Fire Inside immediately before the next Sidekick book comes out by downloading it from amazon, you don't even have to move away from your computer.

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