Friday, October 29, 2010

Demon in My View

The second Amelia Atwater-Rhodes book that she published ten years ago brings back one of the characters we knew from In the Forest of the Night- the dark and slightly twisted Aubrey. In the former book he seemed more evil then anything, DIMV allows his character to develop more- shedding light on a more gentle Aubrey that we did not previously know. I remember my distinct feelings of this book when I read it ten years ago and my feelings haven't changed that much.

While I adored learning more about the character Aubrey and learning a little bit more about the witches that exist in this world I absolutely hated the main character. Jessica Allodola isn't a character to be appreciated. If Atwater-Rhodes was trying to create a character that is ungrateful and nasty- she did well. I didn't care for this character, instead I cared more for the supporting characters of the book.

The plot was interesting: A woman is made into a vampire while she is pregnant- what will happen to the baby? How will it be affected? She is made into a woman again and has the baby, how will that child be? A great idea but I wish it was explored a little more. Also, Jessica is the author of a list of vampire fiction which her classmates enjoy reading, the same classmates who really dislike her. They don't realize that the author Ash Night is actually Jessica. Again, I wish this was explored more.

I read this book while at work one day. It was slow and I had about two hours where I didn't have any students so I flew through the pages. Once more, this is a great book for the young teenagers out there. Nothing written inside is too racy and it flows well. For the older teenagers they might be bored by the lack of pages and lack of plot development however- it's still enjoyable. It's a book you can breeze through and entertain yourself with. Although this is one of my least favorite books by Atwater-Rhodes I do still feel that it is well written and enjoyable.

It's not needed to follow the rest of the books Atwater-Rhodes wrote about vampires so you can read this out of order. If you're considering skipping the book, I suggest you don't, simply because this is a great way to be clued into different information of the series.

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