Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pretty Little Liars: Perfect (Book 3)

As with all Pretty Little Liars books I read this one quickly. Picked it up, done in two days (mind you, I was gone until about 8pm each of those nights and unable to read until then) and off to get the following book after that. However, this book is my least favorite so far.


This book has a little growth for the character Hannah and Spencer. Otherwise, I feel that Aria and Emily both kind of keep trudging along with the problems they've been facing from the past few books. For these two girls it's the same sh--, different day. But Hannah and Spencer, my least two favorite characters in the book (I really like Hannah on the tv show), do seem to emerge as something more then they previously appeared.

First, Hannah nearly sheds her nasty preppy girl cover and begins to befriend a boy who has been teased relentlessly for years (all because of a rumor that the super wench Ali started- sorry, I never liked the character Ali. She always seemed like a class B you-know-what to me. If EVER I had a friend like that she'd be dropped really quick). Hannah seems to grow a heart and not only that, but she gets ahead of the game and discovers who A is. 

However, her discovery might have killed her.

Spencer is also interesting because she begins to recollect an assortment of moments in her life where she blacked out where she was unable to remember anything she did or saw. Memories begin to flood back to her mind and suddenly she is fearful of herself. Is she the killer?

But aside from these two events the book bored me. I felt like I was slowly shifting from scene to scene. Granted, it was a quick read so obviously it entertained me enough otherwise I wouldn't have read it so fast. I just felt like a lot of the story line we had been working on for three books now and I was growing tired of it all. How long was I going to have to read about A torturing these girls?

If it wasn't for the ending of the book where they left me hanging, wondering whether or not Hannah lives, I don't think I would've jumped to the fourth book as quickly. Of course, I would read the fourth book because darn it- I want to know who A is! I want to know who Ali's killer is! This is the premise of all of these books and I have not put all of this effort (Okay, lack of effort if it's taking me a night to read the books) just to give up and not find out the truth! But really, the book was otherwise kinda... eh. I think 'eh' sums it up nicely.

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