Monday, September 13, 2010

Late for School

Your children have more then likely been attending their new school year for awhile now. They have surpassed that new feeling and the anxiety and now are in the mix of school-time issues. Such as being late to classes.

In this childrens book written by Steve Martin (I didn't even know he wrote a childrens book and kept going, that Steve Martin?) follow the antics of arriving to school on time as Martin writes out a funny rhyme with fantastic artwork done by C.F. Payne.

While funny and colorful the book has a point: Whatever you do, don't be late for school. And it also lists numerous reasons why the main character simply cannot allow himself to be late. If your young child is having this issue, you might want to sneak this book into their backpack. And if they're always on time or fifteen minutes early, just give them the book as a gift!

But the point is this: Check out this book!

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