Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a Book!

It's a Book! is a funny children's story that approaches an issue with this time. Meet the three characters: a jackass, a monkey, and a mouse. The monkey is seen reading a book when the jackass approaches him, confused and vocally curious as to what it is the monkey is doing.

Questions ensue: does it play music? does it plug into walls? does it blog? does it fight? Every question pertains to some electronic equipment. Does this item that the Monkey is holding join the ranks of all other electronically equipment? Each question that is asked the Monkey answers, "No, it's a book." Books are simple. They are filled with words from cover to cover and take part in some interesting plot. Something that is made out of paper and has a certain scent. Now the world is taken over my electronics and now even ereaders (which aren't too bad, because an ereader is meant to be read just like a book!) it's easy for this newer generation to be completely clueless about the time where there weren't computers.

The word jackass is mentioned in the book twice in reference to the jackass (donkey). Some people are a little up in arms about the use of the word rather then donkey but for any adult reading the book they can enjoy the humor. If you're concerned reading 'jackass' aloud to your children just change it to silly or some other word that's less offensive. But for me, the book cracked me up. I had such a great time reading it!

It's rare that I pick up a kids book to read for reviews on here and discover that I love the book so much that I want to buy it for myself. But this book, I want to buy it! My mother wants a copy. I want to buy copies for all the children I know. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

And hey, check out the trailer.

PS: buy the book:

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