Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!

It might be expected to get to 100 degrees (again) today but I'm in an autumnal spirit! I know it will be only a matter of weeks before the cool air will begin to get a more permanent grip on this area and I'm actually quite excited for that experience. This summer has been beautiful but I'm tired of the really heated days and humid movements.

After Easter my house becomes a standstill. We don't change any decorations nor do anything too special other then work on the gardens outside. But once September hits the house becomes active inside once again. The first of September the fall decorations go up. The first of October the Halloween decorations go up. First of November- Thanksgiving. First of December- Christmas. 

Well, our Christmas stuff doesn't go down until the Epiphany so that doesn't count too much. After the Christmas decorations we flood the house with snowmen and snowflakes until the first of February when Valentine's Day stuff goes up (but that comes down as soon as the holiday is over, I kind of hate Valentines Day). Then there is St. Patrick's day and Easter... then we're back to the months where nothing occurs. 

I adore decorating for the fall/Christmas. This stretch from September to the end of December is my favorite. I bake, cook, sew, and decorate. 

Today we put out our fake flowers, leaves, and autumnal things out through out the house. Little pumpkins and scented candles. I also moved my room around.  Here's the deal: I have a huge beautifully made hope chest (crafted by the Amish of Lancaster) that I place opposite my window during the summer. In the cooler months it sits in front of my window so that I can place my decorations on it. I also shifted through it's contents: all of my journals, all of my manuscripts, all of my awards, and then all of my blankets and scarves. I have blankets for all times of the year because I can't sleep without a blanket on me. So all the light summery blankets went to the bottom of the chest and the warm winter ones came to the top with the scarves and hats. 

All that's left is for the weather to cool, for me to pick up my yearly selection of pumpkins and mums, and for my autumn activities to begin. 

Plus: I need to find myself a new bookshelf. I've run out of space with the two in my bedroom and the stacks of books on my floor are starting to pile up!

Happy September everyone!

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