Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Gift on this Labor Day Weekend

It's exactly as it sounds.
No nuddie people involved.
Just lots of beautiful pictures.
Of beautiful bookshelves.
Porn for your eyes and bookworm heart.
(via anthasam)

Just about every photo shown I go, 
"I want that in my dream house."

(via pepermintuniverse)

Do you have a dream library in your house? 
My dream library goes with my dream house. A large old historic building,
preferably with fireplaces- one on each end of the house.
The library will be at one end of the house,
bottom floor,
with large windows on opposite walls,
a fireplace,
and books everywhere.
One desk, and a couple big comfy couches.

What is your dream library?
Whisper me your answer.

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