Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Betsy's Wedding

The final Betsy-Tacy book! Oh I wanted to devour this book yet at the same time read it as slowly as I could so that I would put off the end to this series. But it was impossible after reading Betsy and the Great World so I just sucked it up and hopped to it. It's just like being excited for a vacation but weary at the same time because you know, the quicker the vacation comes, the quicker it will be over with.

*Spoilers, I suppose, even though it's pretty obvious who Betsy ends up with*
I read this book over the course of 48 hours with my job taking up a lot of time. I devoured it and went along with every season, every holiday, every moment that Betsy (and now Joe!) experienced together. I was taken away by the romance of it all and kept pausing to gaze off at an unforeseen picture of how I want my future to be and the husband I hope I will one day meet. It was just all so romantic, the little nicknames Joe had for Betsy and the likes. Of course, the feminist in me wanted to yell, why does everyone need to be married! why does everyone have to have babies right away! what is with this whole having to always look perfect for your husband and having a delicious meal made!

In my mind, I picture myself and my husband sharing the load. Both of us making dinner, even if there is a specific person who makes most of the meals. Both of us having jobs outside of the house and hey, I'm in my mid twenties and single, you don't have to be married right away. You don't have to have kids right away. But I still found it romantic and the antics Betsy goes through always amusing and heart warming. I still found her (and Tib) to be more modern a woman then what many women were during that time.

And of course, there was the grim war hanging over head. But despite that, the book was still happy and cheerful. Although the end made me sad and teary. The war was official and so many of the men were jumping for the chance to fight. It's very relative to the age we're in now. While the previous book reminded me so much of the confusion post-9/11 this book reminded me of the sadness I felt as so many of my friends joined the military and departed for the Middle East.

While so many of the men in this book were headed off to war the women were taking prominent positions as well. Not only was Betsy growing up but the world was changing too. Women were taking the role of the men while the men departed for the war. In some ways, it seemed right for the series to end with this great change. There are the differences between Maud Hart Lovelace's real life and Betsy's life but I appreciate how she took so much of her life and placed it into these books. But my love for the series is so strong that I wish it continued. But most certainly, this series will remain something I treasure and adore for many years to come. While reading it's pages I fell into Betsy's world and when not a part of it I could only imagine how it would remain a part of mine and how I will happily read the books to my yet to be born children.

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