Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cooking and falling leaves.

The lovely people at CSN Stores and I have been chit-chatting back and forth for nearly a year. I love looking at their website and seeing what's available. I daydream about the day I'll live on my own and be able to have a state-of-the-art kitchen filled with color and great smelling food. Check out Le Creuset Cookware for example. It's so bright and charming! The colors could work for any season and seeing that I had to get rid of my cookware from college (sad face) I'm craving new cookware. But first... first I needed to get a food mill.

See, here's the deal: I make a ton of food during the fall and winter. I guess it's that woodsy bear tendency- I feel the need to cook a lot, eat a lot, and hibernate. So I have this stack of magazines I've bought over the course of the past few years which loads of yummy recipes. One of which I have been dying to make for years but I needed a food mill to do.

Well, I got a lovely food mill from CSN Stores and FINALLY was able to give a go at making Apple Butter!

Check out what I made:
It came out lovely! I was so excited because typically, I leave my first try as an experimental measure. It's my first try at something new, that doesn't always mean it will come out perfect. However, this apple butter was great and the food mill was so neat to use. 
You just wait to see all of the other foods I'll be making with the oncoming fall! Already birds are gathering together to migrate- oh to be a bird! Gold finches and blue birds have been coming in droves to my house, singing their sweet songs in the morning and coloring the sky in the afternoon. Within a month the hawks and eagles will be traveling as well- this is when I take my yearly trip the the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary to look out at the beautiful countryside from the mountains peak and see the beautiful foliage with random birds through out.

The past week we've had crisp cool nights where the windows have been closed tight and the blankets have been pulled up to chins. The sun has shifted behind the ridge that I live on so in the morning the daylight doesn't come into my room until about 8 AM (during the high point of summer the moment the sun rose, it would reach my bedroom window and not depart until about noon). 

Pretty soon I'll be buying my yearly mums and pumpkins. Once the sugar pumpkins are out I'll be making different autumn meals (pumpkin tart, pumpkin soup). You'll know fall has truly hit my home once the banner to this blog changes. It's coming soon! Look, it's already begun:

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