Sunday, August 22, 2010

Censorship Strikes Again

Ellen Hopkins, the author of the popular YA books Crank, Identical, Tricks, and many others, has been uninvited to the Teen Lit Fest that will be held in Humble, Texas in January 2011. Ellen Hopkins writes in her blog:

Apparently, a middle school librarian saw my name on the roster and decided my presence would somehow negatively affect her students. I’m not sure how that is possible. Maybe she thinks I sweat “edgy and dark.” (Are those things catching?) Anyway, she went to a couple of parents with her concerns. I’m guessing she knew the exact ones who would raise a stink, and they did. They went to the school board, and the superintendent, Guy Sconzo, decided to uninvite me. (He says I was never invited, but I was!) via

This has caused an uproar amongst other YA authors who have all decided to take a stand and are now boycotting the Teen Lit Fest that or they are making public blogs denouncing the act of uninviting an author and essentially censoring her work. Others are choosing to still attend the Teen Lit Fest because it gives them an opportunity to address the issue. Some of the authors active in this occurrence include Matt de la Peña, Melissa de la Cruz, and Pete Hautman.

This is ridiculous, any form of censorship or banning is ridiculous, but I almost find this to be funny because we're only a month away from Banned Book Week where we denounce the idea of censoring published materials.

What is your opinion of all of this? It's a heavy discussion. Do you think it's worth boycotting?

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