Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Reads for Your Little One

Whether your child is dreading it or waiting with much anticipation the start of the school year is breathing down on us (from what I understand, some schools have already begun? Hey, my school year always started the second week of September). For many parents they are sending their children along to their first year of school. Kindergarten is a scary and exciting time. Your little one is no longer yours for the day- they're growing up!

The little ones might be really excited about going to school or possibly a little afraid. You all know I think books are the cure for all the worlds woes so what better way to celebrate your child beginning school then providing a book?

The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing
In this cute tale, suitable for a boy or girl, Natasha Wing follows the exciting process and familiar feelings leading up to the first day of Kindergarten. With the pattern of the familiar holiday story T'was the Night Before Christmas the lyrical melody of the words will capture your child's attention and hound in on all the feelings for that soon to be Kindergarten student. The most true point of the book (or so I've been told) is that the story depicts the parents getting teary eyed over their childs departure, not so much the little kids (who are overwhelmed with excitement).

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School by Herman Parish
Many little girls (and their mothers) know of Amelia Bedelia and how often she takes things literally. The book has been a staple for childrens reading adventures for years and now we can meet Amelia Bedelia as a little kid and experience her first day of school with her! Laugh along with her teacher as Amelia runs around and does the unexpected while seeing everything that is exciting and new at school.

Little Critter: The First Day of School by Mercer Mayer
Little Critter were a mainstay in my household. I think I might even own a copy of this book. I adore Little Critter and always have. In the typical fashion of these books we follow Little Critter step by step as he goes through a specific adventure. This time, it's his first day of school! This doesn't have to necessarily be for a child starting kindergarten but can be enjoyed by a child beginning preschool, first grade, etc. Whatever age the reading level applies to. Every stereotypical experience of the first day of school is listed: wearing a new outfit, waiting for the school bus, telling what you did during summer vacation, it's all there!

These are just the smallest number of back to school books available to give to your child. Go to your local bookstore and check out the displays that or up or ask your friendly book seller if they have any suggestions! Have a happy school year!

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