Monday, August 2, 2010

As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled

Hi, I'm a girl and I have a collection of purses.

And sometimes, I like to talk about my purse, or clothes, or make up, or other girly things. Now is one of those times.

A fellow blogger and friend Amanda posted the familiar meme where you display all that's in your purse. Sometimes you get to know more about a person that way. Anyway, here is mine, just for fun. ;)

My Dooney and Bourke purse. It's the most expensive article of clothing/accessories I have other then jewelry and I got it for $100 cheaper then the original sale price! It was my splurge purse, a gift to myself, back two years ago. I really heart it. Otherwise you'll see me using one of my Vera Bradley bags or some of my hand sewn ones.

1) writing notebook  2) agenda of sorts  3) check book with clickie pencil  4) wallet

Two flashlights... I didn't even know I had two flashlights in there. Usually, I just have one. 
My poor destroyed iPod, I've had it for about 5 years. 
My silver (with a little bird etched into it) mirror.
Ice Breakers mints, altoids mints, and the Minnesota mints actually hold a bunch of pills for headaches or stomach attacks. 
My lovely anti-bacterial gel (because I deal with money)
And a knife. Yeah, I carry a knife. 

Okay! Are we ready for this pile?
Sunglasses, four pens, one Tide-to-Go stick which totally works.
Orajel mouth gel (wisdom teeth and no dental insurance)
Visine for contacts, blister block (which works too!), a hair clip.
Wet Shine lip gloss, and lip gloss (smells like chocolate covered strawberries), and Burt's Bees
My one keychain filled with reward cards from places such as:
Big Lots
Planet Fitness
Rite Aid
Best Buy
and AC Moore
Then there is my epic keys. I have the keys to my house, car, and mailbox. Then I have a bottle opener from Margarittaville (I don't drink beer but I liked that it looked like a flip flop), a Lions keychain in honor of my alma mater, a pooh bear keychain, a lanyard that a friend made me, an APhiO Big Brother keychain, and pepper spray (where I work is in a town that's been featured on 'most dangerous' lists for the US so....)

I also carry my camera a lot, it was in my purse but I couldn't take pictures of my camera.... obviously.

Also, the book I'm reading:

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