Monday, July 26, 2010

Three hundred.... and first post!

So I missed the big 300 mark although it's kind of a fake 300 mark (I have 4 posts that aren't visible to you all due to trying to write up reviews for an up coming event I'll have on my blog in September). But nonetheless, I am quite proud of the number! It's going on two years since I started writing on here and I still love it.

I have some unexpected time off and I planned on spending it all by reading lots of books. However, I've been doing other things instead. Helping clean out my house, organizing things, taking bike rides to enjoy the first cool few days of summer.

But I wanted to write something to pass the time and just say- I'm still here. A fellow book blogger prevented herself from buying books for half of the year. And while I have limited my book purchases by... well... a lot (I had to with working in a bookstore) I still buy at least three books a month. I think that I may try the same thing- not buy any books. But I'll be lenient on myself. I can buy books for theses scenarios:

  1. For the upcoming event in September
  2. As Christmas presents
  3. Seasonal- ie: it only comes out during Christmas (which I don't think will apply to any of my purchases but just in case)
I already have a set list of Christmas and birthday presents for people which involve books but that's not buying books so much for myself... but for others. I think that works, right? And the Big Event of September, some books are necessary and I will need them to mull over for a long time- not a scenario where I can just return them. 

Now that summer is halfway through I also have a few other goals in mind. Whenever school is starting up I am left feeling intellectually saddened. I want to learn again and I miss the joy of the first day of classes. So, I always read one Shakespeare play and one Edgar Allen Poe short story- this shall continue this year. I usually throw in a Jane Austen or Bronte sisters book somewhere in the mix too. I can already feel my brain craving that moment where I pick up these books again. 

But generally, I'm distracted this summer- it's pretty hard to get me to sit down and make it through a book quickly. 

I want to wake up and watch the dawn. Then... make a great big breakfast filled with locally grown fruit. I want to go outside and enjoy myself. I want to shop and swim. To go out to dinner and drink wine under a sky that's filled with lightning. 

That's why I've been sticking to really easy quick to read summer books.

What are you all doing this summer? Are you kind of lazy with reading as I've been? I hope you all are, at the very least, having quite the blast. 

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