Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I tried to ignore these books for months. Then, the ABC Family commercials began to circulate and my curiosity grew. I didn't want it to grow. I wanted no part in a series whose book covers featured dolls and are so bright in color that the very display hurts my eyes. But watch the tv show? I did. And I liked it. In fact, I really liked it! Then I wanted to read the book because the series captured my soul I write a book review blog. I took the first book out (featuring the tv shows promotional photos as a cover because I still hate those neon covers) and read it during a weekend.

Now, here was my issue with the book: I didn't enjoy the hoping from character to character, at times it would get a little confusing. But I understand why Shepard did this. Moving on.

Every page you're left wondering two things: What will happen next? and Who is A? Four girls all with their own secrets. The only person who knows of their secrets is Alison- and she went missing three years ago. But now the girls are getting messages from A who knows their most hidden secrets. Is this Alison? Has she returned?

Shepard does a great job at bringing forth the emotional range of teenagers. From that moment where you feel life just isn't fair to the times where your heart is breaking.

Shepard did a great job at describing the Philadelphia region. I live just outside of the metro area of Philly and found much of the descriptions to be spot on. Really, there aren't many books out there whose location is in Pennsylvania. I just wonder how confusing it would be for a person who is not from Pennsylvania .

The books ending has the next in the series dangling in front of me. All I want is to read the next book. And I fully intend to because I, like the four girls, can't help but wonder- who is A?



  1. I'm really glad you wrote about this. I've been faithfully watching the show and it has me sucked it and I've wondered what the books are like. & being from PA, I love that they are based in PA!

  2. I just finished reading this book a couple days ago! I have seen the commercials for the show but have only watched one episode and it was the 5th episode woops.
    I liked the book but I didn't go crazy over it. I want to know who A is too! That's the only thing that will really keep me reading. I don't think I'll be buying the rest of the books though. I'll end up borrowing them.

  3. Surprisingly when I found out this tv series was a book series, I didn't care. I found that so strange because I love to read the books first. (I did this with Vampire Diaries...) But I will agree, the show is extremely captivating and I'm glad the books aren't bad either, I'm just not sure they would keep my attention as much.


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