Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty Little Liars: Flawless

So I am incapable of figuring out how to add a 'reply' option to my blog comments. So before I dive into Flawless I wanted to go over what people said in my first Pretty Little Liars post.

I get a lot of books for free, consider it a library loan type of thing, so the Pretty Little Liar books- despite that they run for an extremely cheap price- I don't know if I'd buy them. I buy A LOT of books. This is why we have five very large bookshelves in my house and we really need to buy more since they're all running out of room. It's kind of intense. Its just that there are a lot of books and I'm always buying more. These books are good, they're really entertaining and great for something to read on the spot. But would I spend the money on them? Probably not. They aren't so captivating that I'll cherish the paper bound material and read it over and over again.

I am quite surprised as to how similar the book and the tv show are to one another. The plots are the same, and thus far, whatever happens to a character in the book also happens to them on the show. I appreciate it. Granted, some of the plot lines are slightly different, but you can still guess what will happen next when watching the show.

So with that, if you are watching the tv show and enjoying the 'what will happen next' ride, then don't read the books, or at the very least stay a book behind with each show. Flawless definitely covered the most recent episodes so I am only left to suspect the next book to cover the next two or three episodes.

The problem with writing entries about books in a series is that for those of you who haven't read book one- the entry will be filled with spoilers. So always consider that when I'm moving through a series, just a word of forewarning.

Flawless jumps directly into the action where the first book left off. Once again, the emotions the girls experience are very real, and each chapter leaves you wondering 'well, what happens to so-and-so next?' but then you're faced with the next chapter being about ANOTHER girl who only a few pages back you were also wondering about. Make sense? Probably not. None the less this continuous 'what's going to happen next' causes you to fly through the book. And the book isn't very long to begin with so the time it takes to get from cover to cover is short.

All of the girls have this little bit of a privileged air to them, which annoys me greatly, but their family members are worse. Once more, I'm impressed by the detail to the Pennsylvania area.

Unfortunately I grew to like the character Toby, a lot. He's that quirky bad boy that no one likes and I always grow attachments to characters like that. The kid that everyone knows but that doesn't mean he's popular. I even kind of have a soft spot for the character Jenna. However, I suspect my opinions will change as the books progress.

And I certainly intend on reading more of the books. I still want to know who A is and I still haven't found out. I want to know who killed Alison, if it is A or what. I generally hate mystery-related books because I hate being surprised in the end. I don't like to be kept in the dark and left unable to figure things out. But, these books have caught my attention and I don't think they'll let go any time soon.

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