Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

I cannot get enough of this pigeon. And now he's found a hot dog! Granted, I much rather prefer his freaking out over something he wants very badly (like a puppy) but this is just as good. And pigeon still has a near break down so it's almost the same.

The characters: Pigeon and duckling
Minor character: hot dog
Plot: Pigeon finds a hot dog! And he's so excited to have one up until a duckling happens to wander by and ask many questions (sounds familiar, pigeon?) about the hot dog. Basically, the pigeon gets a taste of his own medicine because now he has the duckling more or less asking for the hot dog. However, I think the duckling is a little more smooth when it comes to begging.

Basically, it's a book of wanting and sharing. But the beloved pigeon is back and I just adore him. The duckling is pretty cute too! If there are any more pigeon books, I kind of hope the duckling makes another appearance.

I really would suggest the pigeon books for anyone who is looking to get a picture book for a child. I just think they're so cute and funny and from what I hear other kids like them as well (sorry I don't have kids and all of the children in my life live very far away). Go out and read The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

And besides, these kids seem to find it very funny... that or it's the costumes. 

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