Monday, July 12, 2010

Mo Willems Pigeon books

Allow me to express my utter LOVE of these books! The pictures inside are simplistic but cute. The pigeon is identifiable- he's like a little kid! I openly laugh when I read the pigeon books. My favorite? The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! It's developed into a big joke in my household because I am constantly requesting a puppy for us. (And I will name this puppy Lady Bug and call it Bug for short).

If you're familiar with little kids you know that they have a tendency to try anything when they're goal is something they cannot have. Their reasoning isn't typically very good and they switch from being polite to freaking out.

The pigeon, is much like this. I always stumble along when trying to make reviews for childrens books. How do you describe something that has less words then the review itself? But really, all I can do with true confidence is tell you whether or not I like it and if I'd suggest it to parents with young children.

Mo Willems Pigeon books would be one of the top children's picture books that I would suggest. In fact, I've chosen a few for a children's book hour that we'll be hosting at our store. It's perfect for a child, no matter their sex, and funny for adults as well. Go check it out! Even if you don't know any children in your life, it's an amusing read.


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