Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marked- House of Night Series

What is not to hate about this book? There are a slew of vampire-related books on the market right now. I generally hate them all until I get enough courage to just try and read them. To my surprise, a number of the books have been pretty good, but there are the few that are just down right horrible.

Marked is one of them.

I didn't even make it to page 100 before I gave up. This is a rarity, where I actually put a book down midway through because I stopped caring.

The pop references are so current that the book will not be understandable in ten years. People who read this series in the future won't understand all of the references to celebrities and movies because it won't be current. The writing style was obnoxious and annoying, although I have most certainly read worse.

I feel that the book was strongly trying to force the authors beliefs in the world. Classic religion is bad, Paganism is the only way. (I honestly don't care WHAT you believe in, so long as you're not hurting living creatures). There were many sections that were so soaked through with the authors opinion of homophobic tendencies, oral sex, and a list of other events you experience as a teenager. If you're going to fill your book with your personal opinions on the world with the apparent hopes that teenagers will agree or at least think this mind thinking is cool then try to cover it up a little more.

I didn't like a single character and I really didn't like Zoey. It's hard for me to like a book when the main character is completely unlikable. I felt no connection to her. None at all. The only thing I enjoyed about the book was the edge of Native American beliefs. Whether or not those are accurate I don't know, but I do feel that the majority of lead female characters in YA Fiction are all caucasian girls with blonde or brown hair. Finally, a character who is unique. But her heritage is the only thing unique about her.

I was just greatly disappointed in this book. I didn't expect it to be mind blowingly awesome, but with the number of people who buy this book ever day and it's overall popularity I expected it to have a little more substance then the random dribble it contained.


  1. I started to read the series because of the Native American aspect of the tales. I thought that was an interesting twist, even though they did get aspects wrong. Anywho, I totally agree with you about the pop culture aspects. I also think they're making a movie out of the books.

  2. I was wondering if these books were really all they seemed hyped up to be. Thank you for saving me from wasting my time because I was close to trying them out!

  3. i made it through this book and the others in the series and they just get worse. i'm glad i borrowed them from a friend and didn't waste any of my own money...

  4. Your blog is so awesome, I'm always looking for good books to read, so merci! :-)

  5. Thank you so much JMay for the comment! You've brightened my day. =)


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