Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Return to Sullivans Island

It is very rare that I'll start a book and never finish it. It might take me months (hey there Don Quixote) or even longer but I will finish the book with time. Only once every now and then do I find myself reading a book and giving up on it. Usually I give up the book because I'm bored by what it contains, sometimes it just doesn't grab my attention and I struggle to get through each page. This book fits into that category.

I picked the book up, intrigued by the synopsis and expecting to love it. Beth is a recent college graduate who was forced to put grad school on hold while she house sits for a year. What I found when opening the book was an awkward character who seemed immensely immature for her age and pretty fake. I usually find characters to be believable, as if they do in fact exist, but all of the authors characters came up being completely one dimensional.

And Beth, the main character, switched between being whiney and boring. I felt nothing for her. Boo-hoo, you have to live in a beautiful house for a year on the beach! Boo-hoo, all that time to relax, write a novel, and read books. How dare your mother ask you to do this! I would die from happiness if I was given a chance to live at a beach house for a year, all expenses paid. In fact, a 'wish' I've had for the past 7 years (that I rarely speak of) is to get enough money to get a room at a bed and breakfast by the beach and live there for a month so I can write.

I tried with this book but after a week where I was hopelessly crawling through it and it wasn't getting any better I gave up. I read through a handful of reviews on the book and it seems like many others feel the same way I do about this book. Let down, bored, and no compassion for the one dimensional characters.

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