Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

As a child I would watch the movie version of this book religiously. But since my childhood I've forgotten the details of the movie however a warm nostalgia has forever been present when I've heard "NIMH". While at work I came across the childrens book and was surprised. When I was a child, watching the movie, I never knew that it had been based on a book. Quickly I grabbed hold of it, the warm nostalgia returning, and I read it through.

I had been expecting to read strictly a children's book but instead found something with a deeper message. We all know of the testing done on animals (specifically, rats and mice). What if these animals escaped the labs? What if the tests done had altered the animals completely? Making them stronger, smarter, more like humans than we could have ever intended. What would these rats do?

It is what the rats of NIMH have to face and what Mrs. Frisby finds herself connected to. When Mrs. Frisby seeks the rats help when her son grows ill she not only receives their aid but a history of them, her husband included, and a long lasting friendship. With the inside life of mice and rats in addition to their daily threats.

On occasion, there are children books that can be appreciate by adults. This book would fall into that category. And I am happy to say that the warm fuzzy feeling I felt before is still prominent.

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  1. I just barely read this book too! I used to watch the movie all the time and now that I've read the book I kinda wish they had put more of the rat's story in to help explain their Plan. But I still love the movie and now I love the book. The best of both worlds ;)


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