Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Meditate: A Practical Guide

While I was a teen I was heavily into meditation but then lost interest. Recently I realized that I had more stress in my life then I probably should. But I couldn't remember how I did it all, I wanted guidance and I wanted to take a more educated look into the world of meditation.

After shifting through book after book I finally chose How to Meditate because it seemed to be the most straight forward. I was right. I'm quickly introduced to all concepts of meditation and then everything is broken down and explained further. It's writing is encouraging and easy for beginners. I am sure that in the future if I need to look back to it for reference it will be available to me and easy to grasp.

This covers everything from how to sit, where to sit, and the issues one faces when beginning to meditate- thoughts that filter through. But once you get passed the initial barrier there are steps to becoming a more serious meditator. There were also many poignant moments through the writing which has great points to think over about life itself.

While some books that relate to some religious practices make me feel as if they are preaching me on religious beliefs this book does not. It gives me the information and a bit of insight into the lifestyle but I'm not having anything forced down my throat.

For anyone wanting to do research or simply are interested in the sense of meditation I would suggest this book time and time again. It's worth the read and I really do believe it's incredibly informative.

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