Monday, May 24, 2010

What is a book review?

I was having this discussion with someone a day or two ago. What makes a book review? What do you want to read when you're reading a book review? I enjoy reading all types of reviews. I like their critical honesty and sometimes praise and I'll keep their words in my head as I go shopping for books in the future. But here's the thing- I don't feel that I can write like that. I try, sometimes, to take an unbiased look at books and just release the fact but no matter what- they're all biased. And not just my book reviews- all book reviews are. You have got to be basing your opinion on SOMETHING.

Here's the deal- I like to base my reviews on how the book affects me. Self centered? Totally. But what else am I going to comfortably base my book review on? All that I can do is lay down the facts: This is how this book effected me, this is how it made me feel, this is what it reminded me of, this is how my BA in English is coming in handy because I'm thinking of how they could've totally written this better.

So basically, my book reviews are reviews of how they effect me. Not so much about the book itself. I can tell you 'hey, if you experienced something like *etc etc* in your life then this will probably make you feel *etc etc*'. Oh, and also I can say "Listen it sucked because they are totally not following the first rules of writing that you learn in a 205 level of creative writing!"

Take my opinion, or leave it. (This isn't directed to anyone specifically, in fact you have all been very supportive and lovely!) I just felt the need to get my opinion (again) out there. This blog is all about opinion, right? Well there it is. Again.

And as a final note, I haven't updated a lot. Well, I picked up hours at work and also began yoga again so my mornings are distracted and my nights consist of me sleeping. I've also started that darn 'reading multiple books at once' tendency again which always slows down my reading time. On that note, I'm going to go make breakfast.

PS: The "Glee" station on Pandora rocks my world.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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