Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lady Susan

This novel is quite short in comparison to Jane Austen's other writings and different in that the stories plot is laid out through the writing of letters between it's characters. This makes the story a quick and easy read. Reading each letter, voiced in different characters, gives you pause between chapters so that the writers words can seep in before diving into the writings of another character.

Many of the women in Austen's books I have found to be catty. Gossip seems to be their form of entertainment and drama being what urges the most emotions. Then again, we in the present day are not much different. Our entertainment is the dramatics of television and celebrities. But despite the necessary gossip the information given between parties quickly displays the character of Lady Susan.

A widow with a sixteen year old daughter and apparently very beautiful. But she is a vile creature. She talks so poorly about her own daughter that at first I thought that maybe she was discussing another person entirely. Aside from that she seems busy grabbing the attention of many men- whether they are her age or not, single or not. What makes her even more vile is the act she puts on around her. When she gets into arguments she quickly recovers and pretends as if nothing had happened at all.

I have by no means read even half of Austen's books but the few I have read usually leave me appreciating the women characters but this book is different in that I didn't enjoy the character Susan at all. It was her daughter who I was interested in hearing more of. Too bad there wasn't a novel about her!

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