Thursday, May 27, 2010


Due out June 8th, Meg Cabot (known for her many young adult novels- most of all The Princess Diaries) writes an adult oriented fictional book that teens can enjoy as well entitled Insatiable. But she doesn't stop there, Insatiable joins the ranks of other popular fiction by the subject manner being about vampires. I had an initial mixture of feelings about the subject manner. Another vampire story? Really? Let me guess, a mortal girl meets a brooding vampire boy. They fall in love and risk everything to be together. Mortal girl's entire life will be focused on vampire boy and she'll more or less drop her loved ones.

Well, Insatiable does revolve around a mortal girl who meets a male vampire. But Meena comes across as a strong woman who, once having figured out what it is she needs in her life and what is right, she goes for it. She's passionate and caring and she doesn't forget her loved ones. In fact, she fights for them all along. She has a life, separate from her love life, and that is always prominent. Work is stressful and she adores her dog- she seems like a real person.

Lucien, the featured vampire, isn't your typical brooding vampire either. In fact, he is professional (or as professional as one of his kind can be). He enjoys good wine and teaching at a university. His life is occasionally broken up by working out some problems in his world. He has incredible history to him, all of which is explained and understandable, and there is so much more depth to him then most other vampire characters in novels today.

I found myself snickering as I read this book over the different references to todays culture. Mentions of Sookie Stackhouse and hints of a certain movie that features some guy whose a vampire and women fawn over him- I wonder what that movie could be? Cabot manages to joke about all of the vampire books and movies that are so popular these days and yet, pulls the reader into the story itself.  It's something to appreciate.

What's even more exciting is the history Meg Cabot threw in about Transylvania and 'Dracula'. She created an entire story and history of this family which ties in nicely to Insatiable and in fact ties the entire plot of this story together.

What I loved most about this novel, what makes me say this stands apart from all of the other vampire novels that are out today, is Meena's ultimate life decision in the end. Will I say what it is? Of course not, you should find it out for yourself. But this characters decision made me adore her even more.

With summer approaching, this is a great beach read. On the hot days where you're lazy from the heat this novel will be perfect to pick up and read. It's enjoyable, at times romantic, and there is quick paced action to entertain. I truly enjoyed this book!

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