Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Great Gatsby

I read this somewhere between the ages of 14-16.  I recall, after nearly 10 years, that I hated the book and utterly despised that it was considered America's Greatest Novel. But after all of these years and all the books that are between me and my first reading of The Great Gatsby I still could recall the book. The light dresses, lounging in chairs, parties with big bands and the summer heat. It was all there in my mind but I couldn't quite remember what any of these memories had to do with the story itself. And why did I hate it so much?

THe heat of the summer which is written in this short novel comes through the pages and into your life. Fitzgeralds relatively poetic way of describing locations is exciting as well. However, I did realize why I had the fiery hatred of a teenager for this book. First, I was forced to read the book for school which is an immediate mark against it. Second, the movie version sucked, which made me dislike the book even more. Third, rich people are snobs- at least that's the message I got/get from the book. Fourth, men are jerks, again the novel makes them out to be. But slapping a woman (scene in the book) is horrible and the very written word makes it so much more of a blood boiler. Fifth, the female characters are just not lovable in any way.

Are five reasons enough for me to hate a book? I think so. But I can't honestly say that I hate this! I won't deny how much it bothered me when I was a teen. My hormones mixed with the stubborn dislike for forced reads surely didn't help. Now that I'm older... I appreciate the history of this book. I respect the details of a period of time that existed long ago. It was entertaining and nice to read in this early summer heat.

Would I call this a favorite book? Certainly not. Would I say I hate it? No... not anymore at least. Let's call my feelings for it... indifferent.

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  1. Your reasons 3-5 are exactly why I loved it. Of course rich people are snobs, but that's the whole point of that decadent lifestyle. The whole book just oozes decadence and materialism, and it's just so sensual. I love it!


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