Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Carrie Diaries

When I was in High School I recall the first time I watched Sex and the City. It was a secret, my watching the show, because my mother didn't appreciate the sex content of the show. But I recall how much I utterly loved it. I loved how strong the female cast was. I loved that Carrie was a writer. I'm a writer- I would mentally exclaim. Because in High School I was a writer. I wrote excessively with a love and passion that I miss. Seeing that Bushnell published a book about my favorite television characters teen years I jumped at the chance to read it. Understand, I have not read Sex and the City yet. It's always been on my 'to read' list but I haven't grabbed it just yet. I figured this was a good opportunity, to read about this girl Carrie before I read about the woman. But now, after reading this novel, I must read the book which inspired the famous tv show.

The book reflects my life so well that I had to laugh at times. Carrie, a senior in High School, is still a virgin (been there, done that). Carrie, the girl whose sick of small town life and just wants out (that was me as well). Carrie, the writer (Me! It's me!). It was a fresh look to a current young adult novel. Here, Carrie could've had sex but she didn't. She did some stereotypical teen things (smoke pot, drink) but when it came to her body she knew what she wanted and what she didn't want.

But really, what I felt I related to the most was her desire to leave her small town. Where I grew up in New York the typical graduate from my high school did one of two things: live in the area and get a job OR go to college in state. And I didn't want that. There were many times where it appeared I wouldn't even attend college but some how it happened and I made it out of that small town.

The high school drama and romances were believable. Despite that the time frame was in the 1980's you don't feel like you're being misplaced in time. The only time I realized that this was indeed taking place in the decade in which I was born was when certain bands were brought up (many of who are now very popular again due to shows like Glee) and the drinking and smoking which seemed so easy to get away with (which, to my understanding, was easier to do underage in the 80's). But otherwise, the time difference is unnoticeable.

Sometimes books find their way into your life right when you need them. When I was younger I had this sense of stubborn determination. If I wanted to achieve something- I achieved it. I wanted to get published and busted my butt until I got two pieces of my work published in a for real Library of Congress books. I wanted to join dance and be immediately placed in the advanced course with my friends despite that I had never had experience but I worked hard and despite that I was lacking the 10 years of prior dance experience everyone else had- my first dance class was in the advanced class. College? I made it. The first person to receive a degree in my fathers family. This determination was a burning drive that I had, something that I recognized in Carrie's character, and I lost it somewhere along the way (I think during my sophomore year of college). I need it back. This book reminded me of the determination that I had lost. But maybe it's not lost. Maybe I just need to stir it and awaken it, like this lovely book character does.

I adored this book. Many of the books I've recently I've enjoyed but I haven't hands down loved. Well, this changes that. I love this book and I can't wait to get my hands on Candace Bushnells other work.

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