Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bird by Bird

This is the third time that I've read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. The first time I ever read the book was when I was a freshman in college and taking a creative writing course during the winter break. The second time was the summer after my freshman year when I was nostalgic for writing and comforting words.

Bird by Bird is a novel on life and the idea of writing. Lamott skillfully mentions many helpful hints of how to get your brain into a writers mode. Really, this is a wonderful read for anyone who has ever experienced or is experiencing writers block. But it's not just for writers. It's a beautiful way of stating how to write, yes, but through Lamott's poetic words you are also able to relate to your life. To take a look at how your life is and realize all of the details that you have previously missed.

That's what I enjoy about this book. It isn't a list of instructions you are expected to follow step by step. Instead, it's a way for childhood memories and little nuances to make their way back into your life and get you to write at the same time.

Whenever I read this book I'm left with a sense of nostalgia. Partially because I've read it three times and I always think of the last time I read it and how it made me feel. And partially it's because I'm left considering the construction of my school lunches as a child and how something so simple as what you brought into school to eat could aid you in your popularity. Sounds strange? Yes, but it's the truth.

This is always something refreshing to read and a wonderful way I find myself to be grounded. For anyone who is creative and of course, the writers who are out there, you should pick up this book and give it a try. It's short but it's to the point, but not in your face and overwhelming.

I have a list of creative books I could have read but my heart was with Bird by Bird and I had to capture it again. So much of what she says rings true, it's a necessary read.

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