Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Sugar Queen

Much like Sarah Addison Allen's debut novel The Sugar Queen is located in North Carolina and has a sprinkle of magic through it's pages. Unlike Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen takes place in the winter months filled with cold air and snow. I wasn't entirely sure I was going to enjoy The Sugar Queen because I love Garden Spells so much. When you enjoy a book to it's fullest, it's hard to create love for another book. Sometimes it's hard to share those feelings. But I was satisfied with the story once I closed the book and I'm intending on reading Sarah Addison Allen's newest book in the future.

The novel opens up to a very unhappy Josey Cirrini. Living a life that she truly does not want anything to do with, always trying to make your mother happy (which appears impossible), she's given up all forms of a normal life. But when she discovers a local woman named Della Lee hiding in her closet her life becomes anything but normal.

Suddenly, Josey's life is warping into something completely new and unknown to her. With Della Lee's advice and love (no matter how strange it is) Josey takes a stand for her life and quickly learns there is more to the world than driving her mother to luncheons. Such changes include making her first close friend and experiencing first time events many teenagers have already beat her at.

Although her life might not be perfect, it quickly becomes something which she had always wanted- she just never knew how much that need was. I enjoyed the characters and I'm noticing a similarity between the two Allen books I've read: Magical women, handsome loving men, and one particular man whose abusive and better off dead.

These are wonderful books to read when you're life is hectic or too busy to concentrate on anything too time consuming. It's something that you could take your time with or finish reading in a day. But the feeling is always the same when the last page arrives: you're left happy and content with all that you've read and you want a little more.

The Sugar Queen was wonderful although it doesn't budge my opinion that Garden Spells is one of my favorite books. While Garden Spells is a great beach read I like to think that The Sugar Queen is perfect for a snowy winter day. Go check either of them out!


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