Friday, April 2, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

I have a sign above my bedroom door. It has a little sun that is peaking over a board which reads "Here Comes the Sun" (oh Beatles, I love thee). This little sign is my pull through during the winter months. It keeps my head on straight and reminds me that the sun will return and I'll be back into my more comfortable seasons again.

We had a warm front in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago which was gorgeous in every way. And I worked every glorious day that we had. This time around the warm weather arrived yesterday and today I had off. I had full intention of making the best of it. Apologies oh lovely readers and all of the books on my shelf. My mind flitters like a bird when we just get into the warm weather of the year. Once summer is here and we have day after day of beautiful 85 degree weather then I'll probably run out of steam and spend a day or two just reading. But for now... it's just beautiful and new.

So today with my day off I
  1. grocery shopped
  2. bought flowers
  3. gardened
  4. rode my mountain bike through the neighborhood
  5. took said bike to a local state park.
First, I had to figure out a way to get the bike to the state park- which was a 15 minute drive away from my house (no way was I riding my bike to the location). Finally, I figured out a way:
(the blankets are to protect the bike... since obviously it wasn't going to fit in my trunk.)
Once there I rode around through the woods but honestly... I spent more time sitting beside the lake Tuscarora (named after local Indians) just gazing at the water and smelling the fresh air then I spent on my bike. The very fact that I was in a tank top and bike shorts without feeling a chill was wonderful!
I also wanted to go swimming... my zodiac sign is that of a crab, I was born the Fourth of July weekend... obviously swimming is going to be just something I have to do. But, the water was a little cold (that wouldn't have stopped me) and no one else was swimming (I didn't want to be that weirdo who jumped in by myself).
It was all generally very beautiful and it made me happy- extremely happy. Now I sit with aching muscles and a possibly broken car (whoops?) while the windows are open and the warm breeze drifts in. I know it's only April, we shouldn't be having 80 degree weather, but I really do adore it.
PS: I bought a bowtie for my 'tuxedo' cat. He didn't appreciate it much.

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