Saturday, April 17, 2010

Better Together

Let us picture a young man. He's returned home to the outskirts of Philadelphia, he's fallen in love all over again with his High School sweet heart and he's finally found an end to his writers block. The woman is divorced from a cruel hearted idiot and left to raise her infant son entirely on her own. These two people have a love that returns with a snap of a finger and now the young man is not only living a life that is all of his dreams but has a small child to look after.

A series of unfortunate events occurs and suddenly this man is a single father. A father to a child that isn't even his. A father who hasn't a single clue what he's doing and has to muddle his way through the first steps of parenthood.

But this isn't a 'ha, that poor guy knows nothing about what he's doing' type of story. It's much more serious then that and plunges in to the fact that there are fathers out there who are the main figure in raising their children. This story follows this man as he grieves, grows, and finds love in unexpected places. At times funny, other times serious, it's a read which will leave you thinking of the book long before you finished it's last pages. I know, at the very least, that's how I felt when I put the book down (and this is impressive because it's rare that I read books with a male main character and am left wanting more).

If you're interested in this book, it's not available. No bookstore or online place will carry it. Sorry boys and girls but this is only a manuscript at the moment written by my coworker Ray R. If you have any questions about the novel or would like to speak to him yourself please feel free to email me at and I will provide you with answers.

Have a good weekend everyone. =)

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