Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

Taking on the job of researching your family can be awfully overwhelming when you're presented with all of the historical documents- or lack there of. You might find yourself wondering how to set out on the journey, what the next step could be, or even considering backing out of the adventure entirely.
However, Megan Smolenyak has made the adventure as easy as possible in this handy book. Through tips on websites to use and information on how to read the documents you are presented with the task suddenly becomes less mind boggling. I've worked on the history of my family for quite some time and wasn't getting anywhere until I began using many of the websites Smolenyak suggested. Now I have traced part of my family back to 1400 while previously I had only made it back as far as 1900! For anyone who could be heading off into their family's history this would be a great book to start with. Even if you use it to browse through or go directly to the chapters that cover the area you need help in the book overall makes this job not seem as daunting as it at times can be.

The television show is one of my favorites right now. I absolutely adore all things involving family history so why wouldn't I enjoy a show that takes know actors and shows how their existence unfolded. I've always been interested in my own family history. Knowing that my mothers grandparents came from Sicily I always wanted to know from where. And my father's family has been here so long we never knew where we really came from aside from making obvious guesses (okay if we've been here forever and America was founded by a bunch of English/Germans/Dutch/etc then we have to be something like that, no?)

Well after a week of research I've gotten what I've looked for and more. I've traced my family back to the year 1400 and learned so much more then I previously had known. Like: I have a relative who fought in the Civil War and was present at the Battle of Gettysburg and another distant relative who was killed by the local Native American tribe during a massacre (just after Henry Hudson took his trip up the Hudson river). I learned that I have long distant relatives who were from France and apparently related to royalty- it's all amazing.

That's just a taste of my family tree. Yes, all of those pages have ancestors names on them.

I really think everyone should take a dive into this information and the book Who Do You Think You Are? truly did help me discover an assortment of websites that aided me in this research. Check it out and learn a little bit about who you are!

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