Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Token of Darkness

As I have mentioned before, I have been reading Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books since I was about fourteen. While I was younger I found her writing to be fantastic and easy to fall into. Now, I find it to not be very advanced. This is not to say she's a horrible writer! It just might mean that while I can read other YA-Fiction books with great enjoyment and even at times a bit of concentration and head scratching I simply don't do that with Amelia's books anymore. They aren't advanced enough for me (a sign that I'm getting old? maybe). But I still insist on reading her books because they strike the nostalgia of my childhood and sometimes... I need brainless entertainment. Serious. Brainless. Entertainment.

Typically, Amelia writes about one of two subject areas: vampires in the modern world or shape-shifters in another world. This book, however, branched out from the two and centered it's story on a new subject area: ghosts.

She took more steps away from her typical stories by making her main character be a boy (or a man, I should say) named Cooper. Cooper is surrounded by other male characters and only a few females. Not to mention he was one of the nicer, relaxed, pleasant male character rather then the typically strong and overwhelming male characters she writes about.

The story keeps a small amount of characters but other then the main two, Cooper and Samantha, the remaining characters could have been much more developed. Even Cooper and Samantha could've been more developed.

Something else that I have noticed... all of her books heavily rely on dreams to tell her stories. For that alone I feel that Amelia should be more developed. She is a published author by chance. Her earlier work isn't very great but she was very young and inexperienced. Now it's been about ten years. She's a college graduate and has many publishing's under her belt. I feel that her writing and creativity should be much more advanced. This book had great potential to show how she's grown and changed. Yes, there were some changes but I'm tired of the baby steps.

If you're looking for a book that's a very quick read I suggest you check this out. It would be the perfect item to breeze through on a day trip in a car. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste the money. My apologies to Amelia. Maybe the seventeen year olds will find this to be a good read but I like to think they have interest in more substance than this.

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