Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JoJoDesigns Sophia Throw Pillow Giveaway!!!- CLOSED

When I have meals I sit at my kitchen counter on one of our bar stools and have a view of the entire living room. We have a few couches, one of which I claim as my own, and it was covered by the different books that I've been reading. It got me thinking about the essentials to reading. I need to have a blanket nearby, sometimes tea, good lighting, and a pillow. See, a pillow is a necessity. I'll either have it tucked behind my back or next to my side. Sometimes I just lay it on my lap to prop up the book I'm reading. When CSN stores contacted me a few days ago about doing a giveaway I was given the option of choosing what I'd be making available for the giveaway. When I saw the beautiful pillows they had I knew that this would be the perfect addition for my readers to decorate their homes with or use as a book prop.

Just in case you are curious about CSN let me enlighten you to the awesomeness of this group. With only two employees CSN began an online shop. In a year they had three web-based stores, by the next year they had nine. By now CSN stores is comprised of over 200 different sites! Some of the websites include:,,,, and Their products are beautiful and there is just so many options that any house hold will be able to find something that fits their tastes.

Now let's get onto the give away!
If you are interested in winning a JoJoDesigns Sophia Throw Pillow, you must be a resident of the USA or Canada and please do the following:
  • Visit CSN and see what other wonderful products they have.
  • Leave me a comment on this entry.

If you would like to enter more than once you can do any of the following:
  • follow my blog with google friend connect (1 extra count)
  • follow me on Twitter (1 extra count)
  • place my button on your site (1 extra count)
The giveaway is open to US and Canada and all submissions are due by Wednesday, March 17th at 12PM EST. Please leave a comment below. If you have done the google connect, followed me on Twitter, or added your button to your site either now or in the past please let me know in your comments. I'll be using to select the winner of the prize and CSN will so kindly send the lovely throw pillow directly to you!


  1. A. I want to enter! Also, I tried to follow you with Google friend connect but my work would not allow it...I'll try again when I get home.

    B. How awesome is this?

  2. I must agree with you.. I need to be absolutely comfortable when reading a book and pillows are definitely essential! I just counted how many pillows I have in my bed.. ha its 8! :) Oh and a blanket is always necessary as well!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  3. I love the Fauna Pico Penguin Pillow from

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  4. oooooh. surprise me!

    also, i follow you on twitter (!) and i have you bookmarked already on here (!) and if i didn't have an art blog solely on art, i'd put you up here!

  5. Yay! I love pillows! They are very useful..multi purpose...... lol Thanks! :)

  6. So I visited the site and discovered that they sell bidets. Now you know that I really browsed the site, because how else would I know that they sell bidets? ;)

    I am also now following you on Twitter. How YOU doin'? *pistol fingers*

  7. I can't enter, but that pillow pictured is beautiful! WOW :3

  8. I've done all three! Yay! ^_^


  9. i added you on twitter last night, does that count? :P /checks out csn store

  10. a pillow is a must when reading! and what a cute pillow it is!

    and i looked on the website. they have some cute stuff! i stubbled upon the wall stickers they have on there and i really like them.


    I browsed through the site- they have a nice collection of pool toys! es my brain is in summer already.

    Also following you with google and on twitter @kissesforusall

  12. Ok, the Google Friend Connect worked this time :) I would follow you on Twitter but it's the one line I refuse to cross, even if everyone else is....I have enough things that waste my time that are blocked at work, TYVM!