Monday, February 1, 2010

When I'm Stressed...

There are 2 things that make me feel better.


He sits on my head or on my lap. I discovered how I cling to Sheepy when stressed while in college. My roommate had walked into the dorm room one evening while I was working on a term paper and said "Uh-oh, what's wrong, you have Sheepy in your lap."


He's my cuddlebug!
And he totally didn't appreciate having his picture taken.
He just wanted to go to bed but instead I forced him to sit still.
Once the photo was taken he promptly left the room in annoyance.
(he'll forgive me when I offer him my warm blankets on my bed and a treat)

Other Items That Help:
Anne Rice books
Episodes of Criminal Minds
Coloring in a coloring book
"The Hills" (with LC in them)
Taking a walk (in the heat or cold)
A bottle of holiday wine with a box of chocolate covered cherries

And as if called Oliver is back in my room making little meows and purring loudly,
he's ready for bed.
And I am too! (if you couldn't tell by my less then fashionable pictures)
I have a busy 5 days ahead of me...
Tomorrow: Day off, lots of writing stuff to do.
Wednesday: Work and the gym.
Thursday: Meetings.
Friday: Work and the gym.
Saturday: getting my father a new car. (which means I'll be car-less so... mini vaca?)

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  1. So cute!!! :)) I love cats.

    BTW i left you a little sumthin sumthin on my blog. :)


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