Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photos of the EPIC SNOWSTORM!

Well, we certainly got the snowstorm they were predicting. How much snow did I get? I can't exactly tell you. See... it was a light fluffy snow, easy to blow around, and we had a lot of wind. So with that we have epic drifts of snow and then two feet away no snow at all, just dead grass. Here is a photo of one of the deepest snow drifts that I had to shovel through (I didn't adventure anywhere else, just through the path I was shoveling)

And this is the snow that built up on the side of my car... yes... side... I had to dig off snow on a vertical location. That's not cool. What's also not cool is that it was 5 inches deep! (or... five inches wide? Considering it's on the side of something...?)

This is the fancy snow work hanging off the house... this isn't from it sliding off or anything, it's just how the drifts were made. Yes, hanging off the house and piling up on our shed. It was also like this over the doors which is quite dangerous.

About five hours after it had stopped snowing my mother and I decided to go save my father who had been snowed in down by his job. This is the AWESOME road conditions (only... not)

To those of you hit by the storm I hope you're all safe!
Those without power... well I guess you won't be reading this.... but I hope you're safe and staying warm AND entertained!
Today is Super Bowl Sunday and you bet your buns that I am making some of the best dip in Pennsylvania.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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