Monday, February 22, 2010

The Last Song

Oh Nicholas Sparks, you predictable son of a gun. I don't read Nicholas Sparks books very often because I feel they are all predictable. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, someone dies. Rinse and repeat. But sometimes you just need a squishy love story. I find I need such stories, especially ones involving the beach, whenever I've reached my breaking point with winter. I'm done with winter, I hate the snow, every morning I wake up with the expectation of fresh air and breakfast on the back porch while birds chirp and flowers bloom. My expectations are always shot down by the cold air and two feet of snow that's covering my lawn and deck.

So that frustration I've been feeling is what led me to pick up The Last Song. It's also because after my experience with Dear John coming out in theaters and the countless people buying the book and asking me if it's any good... I thought it'd be better to get ahead of the game and read the book so I can answer peoples questions when they buy the book prior to seeing the Miley Cyrus movie.

Well, my expectations were the following: girl (Ronnie) meets boy (Will), they fall in love, someone dies. Ding*ding*ding! Guess whose expectations were very well founded? Of course, I won't give into the details as to who dies because then that ruins the suspense.

But this book had everything I was looking for in a book at this moment. As I've mentioned, I'm antsy for summer and it's hard for me to concentrate. This book was an easy read, nothing too hard to grasp or concentrate on. It flowed easily and was entertaining. You grew to be interested in all of the characters- good and bad- and you wanted to know what those characters would be doing next. The little details of life at the shore brought in the summers warmth that I've missed so much. The love story was somewhat predictable but it was enjoyable and sweet- again, something easy to grasp onto and definitely entertaining.

However, the book is much more then just a love story. It's about family. It follows the ups and downs of Ronnie's family and how close and far one can be with their loved ones. It displays the families of Will and a little insight to Blaze (another characters) family as well. It shows that families do have the capability of falling apart but also the ability to rebuild.

The book pulled at my own heartstrings. The tear-jerking part of the novel I have experienced first hand in the grim details which Sparks seemed to hound in on. It was the same exact issue and at the same time of the year. I do not know much about Nicholas Sparks but with the details he used that were so much like what does happen in that type of a situation I wonder if he has himself experienced it first hand.

I did enjoy the book. Is this a literary classic? I certainly don't think so. Is it something stupid and low class? No, I don't believe it is. It's something enjoyable that many people can relate to. Something to maybe give the reader pause to think of their own family and how their relationships are with their parents and siblings. I would think of this to be a great beach or vacation read. Whether it's in the pit of summer or during the winter holidays. But make sure you have tissues handy, you might need them.

In Addition:
The Last Song is being made into a movie and will be out in theaters by April 2nd. Seeing that Nicholas Sparks wrote the screenplay prior to writing the novel I have hopes that the directors didn't butcher it too much and the points of the novel which I loved will still be seen in the film. Here's the trailer incase you haven't seen it yet.

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