Friday, February 5, 2010

The Current Weather Predicament

Viewed with the help of lolcats:

My area is currently being hit by the BLIZZARD OF BLIZZARDS OMG!!!111!
Okay, not really.

I grew up in New York.
Not New York City.
The mountains.

I'm used to having over a foot of snow on the ground at a time.
I'm used to sitting through an entire days worth of school,
while it's been snowing,
while it's over 5 inches deep,
and never seeing an 'early dismissal'.

Having my bus slide down a hill was a common occurrence when I was a kid.

Pennsylvania... or rather, where I live in Pennsylvania... utterly freaks out and shuts down from the smallest form of a flurry.

They closed the schools by 1PM today... the storm wasn't scheduled to hit until (at the earliest) 4pm... after schools are out anyway.

There was no parking at grocery stores because everyone was getting their bread and milk...
... because apparently we'll be snowed in for an eternity, dontcha know.
When the snow actually began to fall in small happy little flakes just as I was getting out of work I was almost hit by an old man in a car who was flying through the parking lot-
-as were most other people-
and presented him with a personal gesture.

I don't take getting almost-hit as a funny thing.

Then I drove my way home, two balls of yarn in my possession, with full intention of burrowing in with my crochet kits, drinking tea, and watching the snow fly.

It seems that the further south you go the less capable road departments are with dealing with snow. I'm not that much further south then I was in NY and yet the road crews in this area don't seem to grasp the concepts of proper road management during a snow storm....

And I'm in a lucky area. They know a lot more here then they do south of me.

This is why I do feel for the people in Maryland, Virginia, the Carolina's.
They're getting hit by this storm.
And they haven't the means or knowledge of how to tend to snow... let alone 3 feet of it.

But for me... right now.. I'm going to sit back and take pleasure in silly lolcat snow photos.
I'm going to plan a sledding trip for Sunday.
I'm going to continue crocheting my blanket and cuddling with my cat.
And maybe even have so hot cocoa.

For those of you who are on the roads and in the storm area, please drive careful.
If you're intending on going out- don't. Stay home.
If it's a necessity, don't forget to pack extra clothes, blankets, flashlights, and food.
Delaware just declared a state of emergency.
Military bases are shut down.
It's dangerous out there, enjoy the fun of the snow but don't get hurt!

If you hate winter and snow... all I can say is that BBQ agrees with you.


  1. Bahaha I love LOLCATS.

    And I LOVE snow!

  2. I lived in PA when I was younger. Kindergarten would get canceled all the time. Ohheyy.

    Then I moved and had to go to school in 118 degree weather. They should cancel school for human-melting hazards, yah?


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