Friday, January 8, 2010

Nightlight- a parody

I've been eager to get my hands on this and have a good laugh. Finally I grabbed the book and read it in a day with much amusement but I'm left with a mixture of feelings.

I can't get enough of anything making fun of Twilight. It cracks me up to no end and my coworkers and I could spend hours making fun of it. It's just great for laughs in that way. So I figured a parody would be fun too.

Now, this was funny and it did certainly make fun of the Twilight series. A favorite part of the book is what the main character "Belle Goose" is saying to her girlfriends:
"I can't shop for more clothes, guys. I'm a role model to 1.3 million girls- I have to prove to them that there's more to life than clothes. There are novels out there. Romance novels, for every type of monster fetish."

I laughed... a lot. It was a great parody but it also struck me as a poorly written fan-fiction. I found so many misprints, spelling, and grammar mistakes in the book and that annoys me immediately when it comes to any book. (If I have mistakes in this blog it's because I'm throwing it together, just me, no one else. But if you're having a book published it should be going through groups of editors- THERE SHOULD BE NO MISTAKES. What are you editors being paid for!?!?!)

I formed a question out of all of this... Was this book not only a parody of Twilight but a parody of silly, poorly written fan-fictions across the board? Let's face it, every popular book gets destroyed by people who hate it and butchered by people who love it. They take a stab at writing something just as good and it's incredibly bad. Some people take all of this very, very seriously while others are innocent and doing it all just for fun.

Whether this was a jab in the ribs to Stephanie Meyer and fan-fiction or not... it was amusing. I am not sure if die-hard Twilight fans will enjoy the book or find more offense to it. But I, not being a huge Twilight fan, found it incredibly amusing. Although at times a little boring because it just kept going on and on with the silly banter.

Every time I'd think, "Okay, we get it, you're annoying!" then Belle Goose would do or say something funny. So who knows! I liked it more than I hated it.... someone definitely needs a better editor though... and Twilight fans might not find it too amusing.

If you like to laugh... or want an easy read... or hate Twilight then this book is worth checking out.



  1. i read this not too long ago!

    & while the mistakes [i'm glad i'm not the only one who noticed!] were there, i found it so amusing! i would honestly start dying of laughter making anyone who was around send strange looks my way.

    i honestly think i like making fun of twilight more than i like the series itself. whoops.

    i'm so glad you read this!

  2. I haven't read this one but I read another parody called Twilite and it was pretty funny but it turned me off that there were so many errors in that one, too! I was confused that it was published and sold without careful editing... which made me like it less.

    It got a little redundant, I don't know how this one was but they overdid some of it in my opinion. I might have to try reading this one eventually just because it is fun to make fun of Twilight for a few hours, and I was a fan of Twilight until it became a franchise. =]


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