Sunday, January 10, 2010


A Reading Rainbow book which immediate catches my attention and a beloved childrens book this is the perfect gift for a child being adopted into a family.

The story is simple but to the point. Horace has spots but his parents have stripes. His mother always tells him at bedtime that he needed a new family and they chose him because they liked his spots. But Horace always falls asleep before this key point of the story and begins to long to be near others like him.

He runs away in search for others with spots but begins to miss his family and returns home.

It's a cute way to display that even if you don't agree with everything your parents have you do (like brush your teeth!) love goes much further than what we might look like and our parents are always our parents- even if they didn't birth us.

As a small child this was my first understanding of adoption... seeing that my second cousin is adopted it was great to understand. I've met many people who've been adopted since my childhood and I always wonder if they were given this book as a child. I certainly will give it as a gift if ever I know of someone who is adopting and you should too. The author is Holly Keller and you should be able to find it at your local bookstore.


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