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Disclaimer: Please, before diving too far deep into this review read my other review for the prequel to Committed. Eat, Pray, Love was a book I read in 2009 and absolutely loved. It is the start to this personal account of Elizabeth Gilberts and is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. So go check out the original post and the book itself before you read Committed. Thank you.

I was ecstatic when I found out Elizabeth Gilbert was coming out with a book to follow Eat, Pray, Love. This might sound dramatic- but I don't care- I think Eat, Pray, Love was a life-changing read for me. Seriously. Months after I initially read it and it's still something I hold close to my heart. So when I walked into work on a cold January morning which happened to be a particular Tuesday I was happy to see Gilbert's newest book on display.

But let me get past the vain part of this entry right away... I don't like the cover. It's an ugly shade of orange with a really badly drawn ring on it. I was really disappointed with it! I do judge books by cover, at least initially, and I definitely will hold a form of judgement towards the cover art even if the book is good. Eat, Pray, Love had a beautiful cover depicting so clearly what the book was about. Despite it's simplicity it also brought in exactly what each word in the title was about. Eat- she learned to Eat in Italy and Eat is spelt out in pasta, Pray- she learned to Pray in India and that is displayed by prayer beads. And Love, love in Indonesia and the land is apparently very beautiful and depicted through the gorgeous flower petals.

But this new book has such a bland boring and badly done cover! At the very least if the orange was taken away I would've been more satisfied. None the less, I don't like the cover. MOVING ON!

First off- the book was still clearly in the voice of Gilbert. Sometimes, I've find, that if I read something an author wrote one year and then a book he or she wrote years later there is a difference in literary voice. Not so with Committed. Gilbert's voice is still strong and definitely hers. That's a plus in my book.

However, I had a mixture of feelings for it. I feel, very much, that this would be a good book for someone who is already married. Someone whose been married for many years and either is happy or looking for improvement or might just be curious about marriage as a whole.

I haven't been married. The way things are going, I don't have much intention of ever getting married. So a lot of this, I feel, was kind of over my head.

The story of Gilbert and her husband to be was interesting to read but broken up by very lengthy chapters which went on and on about different histories that involve marriage. I don't totally care, to be honest, I wanted the story of what happened between her and her husband.

Many people didn't like Gilberts first tell-all tale because she was so brutally honest about her opinion and what she more or less thinks is right. They never saw past the opinion and their own steadfast opinions so they disliked the book. It appears people are having the same reaction yet again. "Well, I got married in my early twenties and she thinks my marriage won't last!" And then they whine so more. Well, maybe it will last for you but obviously those marriages don't last for everyone- including Elizabeth Gilbert. That's how we got to this point, didn't we? Her marriage to someone in her early twenties didn't last and had it not last we wouldn't have had these two books.

You either love or hate her books and I feel the main hatred all is due to a conflict of opinions. But people are allowed their opinions as much as you are. If you disagree with her- then write your own book. But past that, the only issue I found with the book was that the deep digging of the roots of marriage didn't have much interest to me since I myself am not married. But, I would enjoy reading this book in the future if I ever do get married. Maybe then, after experiencing marriage for awhile, I'd have a better understanding.

Personally though, I liked Eat, Pray, Love much more than this book.


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