Monday, January 18, 2010

Betsy Was A Junior

Continuing with the High School years of Betsy Ray's life I'm up to the second combination book of the bunch. In this book both novels Betsy Was a Junior and Betsy and Joe are comprised into one publication which makes it a great accessible way to devour the very addicting series in a quicker and more efficient way. Instead of my having to get up out of my comfy chair to get the next book off the shelf I can just go from Betsy Was a Junior straight to Betsy and Joe! In all seriousness, I love this when books in a series are published in pairs.

None the less, this post is about Betsy Was a Junior. I have never had the pleasure of reading Maud Hart Lovelace's earlier books (anything prior to Betsy's freshman year in High School) I truly do adore these books.

M.H.L. had a way to write her characters so clearly that you can relate to them perfectly and at times see yourself in those very same situations. In the three books that I have read I've seen Betsy grow and mature in ways that I realize I myself have done in my High School years. Ways in which I see people I know, cousins and neighbors, growing and maturing.

But thus far, I think this book has been my favorite. It labels a very time changing moment we all reach- that moment when we discover we're growing up. It's a little frightening and there is a touch of excitement but it happens to us all. Betsy is excited to be an upper classmen but doesn't truly realize all that entails until the very end of the novel.

It's with life changing events that one grows. Whether it's being given more responsibilities, having family members you know and love growing up to leave home... and you... behind, or a death of a parent who immediately shoves you into adulthood whether you were ready or not.

The book has it's silly points and many mistakes that teenagers typically face. Being shunned by classmates, putting off assignments to the last minute, and school pranks. But there is the more serious tone that usually filters into ones life as you're growing up.

I truly enjoyed this book... not that I had expected not to. I'm eager to start the next one and the rest of the series. All the books are fabulous and a great historical representation of a time which I don't know very much about. The characters are all someone you already know and it's so easy to place yourself in their shoes. Please pick up this book/series, it's a classic and is definitely worth the read.



  1. my mom read these and i read her books. It is a great series.

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  3. Yay! "Junior" is my favorite in the series too. (I haven't read all your reviews, so I don't know if it stayed your favorite.) Thanks for a great post!


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