Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best American Poetry 2009

A few years ago I partook in a lovely poetry class and one of our textbooks was The Best American Poetry 2007. I had thought at the time that it was simply something my professor knew of and not a book readily available to the public until this year when I was at work and discovered this is a yearly thing.

I bought the book and slowly made my way through the 75 poems that are featured. It's a wonderful way to read beautiful poetry but also see a sign of the times. Many of the poems were politically inclined and this past year was certainly a very political year.

Not only were poems featured to depict political interest but highly featured newsworthy stories (such as college and school shootings).

While some poems I truly loved others bored me. But that is to be expected when you're looking at a book of poems that feature the best of the year. Can I tell you what poems were good? I could. I could tell you how the words took me away and they found meaning in my gut. But poetry is a lot like wine, it's an acquired taste that is different for one person to another. This is simply a book you'll have to look into yourself.

If you're looking for a collaboration of current day poetry then consider picking up this book. I think I might try and pick up each years edition simply because it would be interesting to see how poetry grows and changes over the upcoming years. I wonder what influences in the world will be seen in each poem.

Go to your local bookstores to check these books out. There are also a slew of others much like this featuring travel logs, short stories, and essays that are all best of the year.

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