Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Amazing Bone

While this story is meant for children I decided to reread it today... as you may or may not know, I read a lot of childrens books that I've had since childhood or ones I come across at work. The Amazing Bone is a book I've had for many years and I recall my confusion as a child as to what the book was meant to be about. What was it's purpose and also, why did it have to feature a creepy bone?

Today, after rereading the book, I still find myself asking the same questions. Aside from appreciating the creative idea of the talking bone a little more I was still struck asking what was the point of the story?

It reminds me of Little Red Riding-hood in that the little girl (pig) named Pearl is captured by a mean fox who intends on eating her for supper. However, Pearl isn't alone in this. She has her new found friend- the bone- who can talk comforting words to her. (the bone was previously owned by a witch, something which had little meaning to me as a child, but now I understand a little more that typical fairy tale witches could very well have a random bone on them).

The illustrations depict the beauty of spring in ultimate simplicity and Pearl is a cute character that seems lovable and very well meaning for her new friend- the bone. The fox is a typical bad guy and the story is a bit more intense than expected for a children's book (knives, guns, robberies!) But I am still lost for the reason of this story. It's well known and has won awards but I'm still a bit perplexed about the purpose of this all.

It's worth a peek when you're at a library or bookstore simply because the bright and cheerful spring scenes are uplifting (especially if you're being hit by this terrible cold in the US!) but what is the point of the book? I don't know.

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  1. i remember reading this book when i was younger! i don't really know what the point of it is. maybe it's showing there's good and evil and the good are never alone? that's just a guess, i'm not completely sure =/


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