Saturday, December 5, 2009

When it's snowing....

Today I worked from open until 1pm. As I drove to work... it began to snow. I'm most excited when it snows before Christmas. Generally, I hate snow. I hate winter. But give me snow for the holiday season and I'm ecstatic. I could never live somewhere that never gets snow... maybe just not so much of it in the January-March months.

None the less, my point is that it flurried on my drive to work. As I got to work though, it stopped and was just gray out until one when I left work to discover it had begun to snow. Little did I know that it had been snowing at my house for over an hour already.

So I drove home, saw two car accidents along the way (the further south you go, the less people are able to drive in winter weather) but then drove into my neighborhood just as the snow began to stick and to my excitement we decided to get our Christmas tree!
We drove to the closest tree farm to my house (the road I live on has about 15 tree farms... we're tree farm country. Not only do the farms sell their own trees from their doorsteps but they also ship them out to be sold at stores).

Our favorite place (although a bit expensive) is the one closest to home which has two black horses, covered in sleigh bells, who bring you up until the mountain side to pick your tree.
Once in the mountain you find your tree, cut it, and someone will bring it down for you to be shaken (to get rid of loose needles) and then wrapped in string for safe keeping.
They always have other animals to be ridden or fed. I love their horses simply because they all love getting their pictures taken and they pose.
We chose a pre-cut tree because my dad is injured and can't saw at the moment. It smells wonderful and is currently drying off from all of the snow on it.
(like my snow boots? And PS: I totally made that scarf)
We have over an inch of snow on the ground right now and it's still coming down heavily. I'm glad I'm home from work and don't work tomorrow. No driving in this weather! I'd rather cuddle up with a book and drink some hot cocoa anyway. :)

PS: Readers don't forget to make your January suggestions for the book of the month on this blog post here.

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  1. You make scarfs!! That's so cool!! I wish I was that talented! I also wish it snowed here in AZ. It snows on occasion but I really wish it would snow closer to home during the holidays. Nothing makes Christmas better than snow ;)


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