Saturday, December 19, 2009

On a Winter's Day...

My apologies for disappearing once again. My internet was more or less down for two days and work has been busy. My days off have consisted of my resting because I've been so exhausted from the constant flow of people in the book store. And it's been said people don't read anymore, ha!

I come bearing photos to make up for my lack of appearance. Just a brief display of my day and a smidgen of important family history.

We received our first official snow storm today... it was supposed to begin sometime during the night but instead didn't begin until this afternoon. The snowflakes are tiny and find their way in through anything... the wind strong and making great piles. I'm wearing my favorite pj pants in this picture.... blue pants with blue moose on them. The moose are wearing scarves and hats. I think their adorable and comfy.

Our Christmas decorations are in full force. The house has a constant scent of pine and the gentle glow of the lights are comforting, especially with such a cold white day. 

My nativity scene is simple... only three pieces depicting what's important. But the meaning of this nativity is much greater than the religious aspect. My great grandparents went to the Passion Plays in Europe where these were carved from wood. They're delicate little things that are nearly 40 years old and have been passed down to me for my own Christmas celebrations. I never got to meet my Great Grandpa and Nonnie but I've heard much about them. Having this little memento makes them feel closer and that they're still alive in my heart.

And now, I leave you all for this: 
My laptop and Matilda book.
I have a deadline looming and a lot of stuff to distract me and keep me busy from my work.

I'm going to enjoy the snow, enjoy being nestled in. I called off of work today because of this storm and very well might not make it in tomorrow if it continues into tomorrow as some weather channels have predicted. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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  1. That snow storm is making it's way near me. I'm soo ready for it! It's a good thing you took the day off, it sounds like one heck of a storm.

    Your decorations are lovely! There's something special about this time of year that always puts a smile on my face =)


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