Friday, December 4, 2009

The Mitten

Many times I have commented on a children's books illustrations as 'wonderful' and other such positive things. But for this child's book I cannot use any of those terms. I feel that in this case Jan Brett, author of this book, is an artist. She she should be praised for her fantastic capabilities to draw such wonderfully accurate and beautiful pieces of art.

What I was mostly drawn to with The Mitten was that itself- the artwork. There is so much beautiful detail to all that is included. The amount of things Brett has included is outstanding. Even the smallest inclusion is beautiful.

The Mitten is loosely based on a Ukrainian folktale that tells of a group of forest animals who all try to fit into a pot or mitten- depending on the version of the story. But this one is much sweeter than the traditional versions featuring a little boy who goes out to play in the woods and of course, the winter animals who climb into his lost mitten.

Again, the detailed and beautiful artwork captures the imagination and takes the story right along with it. All of Jan Brett's books detail her fantastic creative power and strength in artwork but I enjoy this particular book.

I enjoyed it enough to buy it today. :) I'll be wrapping it in snowflake covered wrapping paper after I post this and mailing it to Virginia to my 'niece' and 'nephew' for Christmas (my cousins children, I've adopted them as niece and nephew though, and I am an adopted aunt in turn).

So go out, enjoy the beauty of winter, and pick up a Jan Brett book (particularly this one!) for the child (or child who is not so much a child- like me) in your life.


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  1. i remember reading this book in elementary school! i think the librarian read it to us right around this time of year. i forgot all about it! oh bringing back my childhood =)


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